Monday, September 19, 2011

VGM Group Ranked #3 Top Workplace in Iowa!

VGM's Top Honors

By Neal Price, VGM Forbin

VGM Group (of which VGM Forbin is part of) has achieved high marks in a recent survey by the Des Moines Register to find the best places to work in Iowa. The results showed VGM Group is ranked #3 in the Mid-Size Category for Iowa’s Top Work Places. This is a very significant honor for VGM &  VGM Forbin. We couldn’t be more pleased to be part of such a great organization. View what the Des Moines Register had to say about us here.  Click here to view the other companies who made the list as well (select mid-sized category). Congratulations to VGM Group and all the other Iowa companies who made the list!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Forbin is creating websites you can take to the bank!

Congratulations to Forbin and Grundy National Bank in Grundy Center! GNB’s new website , which was created by VGM Forbin, won a Gold Award in the 2010 Best of Iowa during the Iowa Bankers Association "Best of Iowa Breakfast", Friday May 6th.

Best of Iowa is the state-wide advertising and marketing competition for member banks of the Iowa Bankers Association. Forbin created GNB’s first website several years and ago and worked hand-in-hand with GNB to create the award winning new website in 2010.

The IBA sponsors the Best of Iowa competition to give deserved recognition to bank marketing professionals who are responsible for creating and executing innovative and successful marketing and advertising programs for their bank including websites.

Forbin worked very closely with GNB’s Amanda Grineski to create and hone the information, flavor and look of the site as well as including all of the programming elements needed for a bank.

“The newly designed GNB website received high marks for its creativity, originality, navigational tools, and visual elements and graphics, which is very gratifying since it is a vital element of our marketing program.  We rely on VGM Forbin to keep us current on website trends and the Best of Iowa awards endorses the skills of the designers and programmers who partner with us to create our site.”  

Amanda Grineski- Grundy National Bank

Forbin has been increasing the number of bank and financial institution websites in the last several years.  We are constantly working to improve and update the quality of our websites and reach more banks in need of a more functional, easy-to-use website.

If your local bank has a website that isn’t “money”, tell them to check out the work by VGM Forbin and we promise to increase their “interest” in a great new website!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Medtrade Spring PowerWeb 3.0 Special 04/13-15/11


FREE Kindle with purchase of newly updated PowerWeb 3.0 website during Medtrade Spring 2011!

See what over 600 other HME operations have already found out – PowerWeb is the best ‘total package’ website solution for your operation!

Reach more customers with a professionally designed site that is optimized for search engine visibility.  Save time and stay up-to-date by easily customizing your online product catalog.  Share your knowledge with the newsletters and videos included in PowerWeb 3.0’s content management system.

Educate your clients with PowerWeb’s comprehensive patient resource center.  Gain control of your business with lead generation tools included in PowerWeb 3.0.  Reach more customers and get more business with VGM 
Forbin’s PowerWeb 3.0!  Over 600 HME providers have trusted VGM Forbin for their website and hosting needs. Experience the flexibility of PowerWeb 3.0. Stop by booth #2824 to see how PowerWeb 3.0 can help you with website!

Contact VGM Forbin today!
P: 877.814.7485

Friday, April 1, 2011

VGM Forbin comes home with Addy Awards

The talent, creativity and dedication of VGM Forbin shone brightly at the 2011 Cedar Valley Addy Awards.

The American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) local awards ceremony honors excellence in print, TV, web site and several other advertising categories. VGM Forbin took home 4 ADDY awards this year, three silver and one gold award, for their work in web design creation., a local RV production and sales business in the Cedar Valley, earned Forbin a Silver ADDY., a local custom steel product business earned Forbin a Gold Addy.
One HME dealer’s new PowerWeb 3.0 earned Forbin a Silver Addy Award. McAbee Medical’s new site was the first of Forbin’s new PowerWeb format to receive an ADDY award. Forbin has created close to 800 HME websites over the years. Within the last 18 months, they have installed 112 of their new PowerWeb 3.0 sites featuring more client control and easier-to-use features.

The new interactive and user friendly web site Forbin created for internal customer VGM Club earned Forbin a Silver Addy Award. The new site features many fresh and innovate components to promote VGM Club and provide easy navigation to Club’s members. 

“The number one benefit from our new website designed by Forbin is the increased inquiries and leads from our prospects and member community. Sure, it is very pleasing to the eye and easy to use. The true reward, however, is our activity has increased 500% compared to our old website. That drives customer satisfaction and profitability.”

 Cam Shultz- Vice President of National Sales

“The new is not only aesthetically-pleasing; it’s also a cinch to use. Our members and staff alike can navigate more easily and find the information they’re looking for with greater ease than ever before. Being able to edit the site instantaneously ensures that our members always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.”

Lindsey Christensen- Director of Marketing

Forbin is already working on web sites for more local, HME and O&P customers. Even if those sites aren’t awarded ADDY’s next year, Forbin strives to make each and every web site a winner for their client’s business and profitability.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PR Newswire Not Ranking Well with NEW Google Panda

Google’s recent Panda algorithm update has created controversy by having both positive and negative effects for almost all websites.
WebProNews anchor Abby Johnson spoke with Rod Nicolson, VP User Experience Design & Workflow, PR Newswire about Google’s latest algorithm update.
Nicolson says the update effects up to 12 percent of sites and it may be a while before everyone can fully interpret what the algorithm change means.
PR Newswire has seen an impact because of the Google Panda update. Nicolson says PR Newswire has been hit with collateral damage in Google’s war against content farms. The algorithm update has not had a massive effect on PR Newswire but it has been larger than expected.
Nicolson says there is no way that PR Newswire could “ ever, ever” be considered a content farm. He does not see any reason why PR Newswire would be included in a drop in rankings.
PR Newswire has been in contact with Google about the algorithm update and reminded them who they are.
To avoid the situation in the future Nicolson says PR Newswire is doing what every “SEO on the planet is doing, and looking very closely at everything being published and the data about the farmer update.”

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Google Instant available on a Google Search near you. When used, this is to be faster than normal search engines. Give it a try and let us know what you think..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Only plumbers should sell the kitchen sink on their website

Written by Steven Eilers, Copywriter 

Only plumbers should sell the kitchen sink on their website
We’ve all seen them; websites that are packed full with every product, every detail, every employee and the entire company history crammed in; in other words everything including the kitchen sink!   As a site visitor, you may read the first 2 paragraphs and then you find yourself skimming and scrolling faster and faster, trying to find that bit of information gold hidden in all of the clutter. Did you enjoy that website? Could you find what you needed or even remember why you went there in the first place after reading all of that “content”? The short answer is NO!
If you are a business that sells a certain type of product, like home medical equipment, furniture or clothing for example, you will have a product catalog that features all of your items grouped in a neat and orderly fashion and arranged in a way that makes sense where customers will go to shop and order. That’s why you have a catalog in the first place so keep it there!

So how do you avoid a “kitchen sink” website?
    Read your site content from the point of view of the customer. Will the customer really care about all of this information? Will they benefit from it? Will they find what they need or will they find another site that’s faster and easier to navigate?

2. Give your site the 2 second and 1 minute test. Can the customer tell what it is you’re selling/offering after reading the first 2 seconds of copy on your site? Read the content on your site for 1 minute.  Are you still interested after 1 minute or are you bored? Remember, read it from the customer’s point of view.

3.  Even the History Channel talks about upcoming events. If you have the honor of being a well- established business or organization, that’s great, but now tell today’s customer why they need to care. If you are a 100 year old organization that had stayed strong during the Great Depression, how does that benefit someone today?  We are a short attention span society.

4. Shakespeare you ain’t. Big flowery language is fine for Romeo and Juliet (and cheap romance novels) but not for a website…unless of course you are a website about Shakespeare. Your site content simple and easy for the average person to read and understand. Don’t talk over their heard or talk down to customers, just talk to them.

5. Remember, as a customer it’s all about ME! Why should I choose your product from your business or organization? What are you going to do for ME?

Remember- Only plumbers should sell the kitchen sink on their website!

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